Father Time

By Seckford Theatre Company

The Seckford Theatre Company return to their home crowd from their successful run at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“He had fallen into the hands of Death…”

Father Time is an innovative adaptation of the Grimm’s Godfather Death and Gambling Hans. This immersive production draws on puppetry, live music and song; inviting the audience to come on a journey and complete the story with their imagination.

“When will the sands of time run out for you?”

“A well crafted piece with inventive use of the simple staging and clever choreography, the performances were equally impressive; especially the puppet work.”

“So impressed by Seckford Theatre Company, Father Time was gorgeous, lyrical, dream-like physical theatre, performed by an exquisitely talented company.”

“Fusing storytelling with dance, puppetry and multi-instrumentalism, this accomplished production has set the standard for youth theatre at the Fringe.”

“Mesmerised, impressed and entertained by Father Time.”

“A great piece of cleverly devised theatre!”

“Bitter endings to two tales so beautifully told: mesmerising, enchanting, and completely engrossing.”

Video by Chris Tuck Media

August 2015

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