Love’s Labour’s Lost

Sit tight, it’s complicated! Complicated but beautiful to behold… A magnificent set, sumptuous costumes, and an intensity of enthusiasm and panache from the performers to transport even the most Shakespeare-shy.  So what that on the opening night the rain forced an adjournment to the Theatre from the Chapel lawn after a couple of scenes – the pictures were painted in the mind, and the actors made brilliant use of our imagination and a blank (dry) stage to recreate the magic.  No dampening of the spirit at all!  Bravo.

So… Ferdinand, Berowne, Longaville and Dumaine swear themselves to their books (just like true Year 9s…); The Princess, Rosaline, Maria and Katherine ‘divert’ their endeavours (just like…); Don Adriano, Moth, Costard, Dull and Jaquenetta add some spice and plenty of confusion, not necessarily mitigated by the interventions of Sir Nathaniel, Holofernes, Boyet, M Marcade and the forester… and the attendant Lords and Ladies add delightful movement and polish as the scenes unfold in their wondrously chaotic way.  Terrible for the Princess to lose her father at the close… but perhaps the year apart will make the hearts grow fonder (just like…).

Many, many congratulations to the cast of course, but on this meteorologically demanding occasion particular congratulations to the production team of staff, OWs, parents and pupils under Ms Mayes, Mr Williams, Miss Edwards and Mr Hillman’s ever-inspirational direction.

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