Seckford Theatre Company

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 – Father Time

‘He had fallen into the hands of death’.

Death always finds a way to claim his victims.

‘Father Time’ is a creative adaptation of the Grimm’s ‘Godfather Death’ and ‘Gambling Hans’. After debuting their thought-provoking production of ‘Rosemary’ in 2013 The Seckford Theatre Company is delighted to return to this year’s Fringe Festival.

‘Father Time’ is an innovative adaptation that draws on puppetry, live music and song; inviting the audience to come on a journey and complete the story with their imaginations.

The Seckford Theatre Company is very excited to return to Edinburgh for the 2015 Fringe Festival. Our talented cast consists of;

Dominic Crane,
Jonny O’Grady,
Fran Ottley,
Abi Dolan,
Katheryn Clements,
Ella Hooper,
Ella Carter,
George Williams,
Harry Salter,
Kira Thode,
Flora Douglas,
and Lorna Bennell as our Stage Manager.

A Proud Member of the Seckford Foundation